Indoor Ceiling Access Points – CW8290AP 802.11n 600M

CW8290AP is C-Data’s developed a high power indoor dual band ceiling type AP, CW8290AP full meets 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/n technical standard, built-in MIMO 2X2 smart antenna to provide 2.4G and 5G terminal access with the maximum 600Mbps rate. The APs offer smart wireless access with high reliability, high security, and high bandwidth.C-Data’s cost-effective CW8290AP Access Points (APs) provide gigabit access to greatly improve a user’s experience on wireless networks. This series of APs is best suited for small and medium enterprises, airports and stations, sports stadiums, cafes, and entertainment centers.CW8290AP support ceiling and wall mounted. The power consumption is less than 15W although its RF power up to 500mW.It supports POE 48V power supply to allow faster deployment.

wireless access point cw8290ap