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IPv6 Technology for C-Data ONU Products

IPv6 Technology for C-Data ONU Products The rapid development of the Internet had brought a large number of intelligent terminals to our home and increasingly exhausted the IPv4 address resources we are using. Although NAT technology helps to delay the speed of the IPv4 address consumption, the world Internet technology is still developing towards IPv6 […]

About Your Router or Wireless Gateway

WiFi networks are about convenience and providing wireless Internet access around your home. To make sure you are getting the most out of your network, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper equipment. You can find out more about what devices you’ll need to establish your wireless network by reading What is Home […]

Which Are the Best Wireless Routers?

Every ISP gives its users a router. If you pay for a basic package, you can expect a simple router that does the job and offers few bells and whistles. However, if you stump up for fibre optic broadband, you can expect a better, more feature–laden model. The replacement for BT’s excellent Home Hub, the […]

What is a Wireless Router?

Internet routers can be wired or wireless. With the exception of 3G or 4G connections, it’s not the broadband connection or package that is wireless, it’s the type of router. There are two kinds of Internet routers available: ‘wired’ and ‘wireless’. When you sign up for a new broadband deal, you’ll receive a wireless model […]