Which Are the Best Wireless Routers?

Every ISP gives its users a router. If you pay for a basic package, you can expect a simple router that does the job and offers few bells and whistles. However, if you stump up for fibre optic broadband, you can expect a better, more feature–laden model.
The replacement for BT’s excellent Home Hub, the Smart Hub is available to customers who sign up for the company’s BT Infinity Broadband package.
Its primary reason for standing out from the crowd is its powerful Wi–Fi connection: the Smart Hub features seven antennae to offer a bigger range than any other ISP’s router.
There’s the latest AC standard Wi–Fi, which means you can connect more than one device and still take advantage of ultra fast speeds.
Standard speed is set at a rapid 52Mbps. And best of all, you don’t need to tinker with any advanced settings to get optimal performance.
has loaded its router up with Smart Scan tech which checks which chooses the least congested channel to give you a solid connection.
The same firewall and BT Parental Controls from the company’s previous models are also included, so you can restrict web access if needed. There is also a USB port for connecting printers or creating a network by using a USB dongle.